Student Federation Urges Government-EU Deal to Ensure Continued Funding Under Erasmus Programme


“Higher education without the Erasmus programme is inconceivable,” the federation of Hungarian student governments (HÖOK) said on Wednesday, urging an early agreement between the Hungarian government and the European Union to ensure that Hungarian universities run by foundations should continue receiving EU funds under the programme in 2024.


A press report on Monday suggested that universities run by foundations would not receive fresh funding as part of the EU’s Erasmus programme — under which students from Hungary can study abroad — and Horizon Europe research and innovation schemes. In a statement, HÖOK said Hungary’s foundation-based higher education model “allows room for criticism” but added that “students’ access to services such as exchange programmes cannot be subjected to disputes aimed at correcting defects of the system”. Ensuring access to such opportunities is “an issue outside politics”, HÖOK said, insisting that “all players that can do something in the interest of a settlement should work hard to find a solution for students as soon as possible.” HÖOK has contacted the European Students’ Union and will also approach the European Commission’s office in Budapest.


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