Faculty of Music successes in the Canadian percussion competition


A graduate student of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen achieved an outstanding result in an online international percussion competition. Levente Tóth finished first in the 21st Century Talents Percussion Competition in Ottawa.

The talent of the Faculty of Music has previously been awarded in Italy, Moscow and Switzerland, as a member of the TanBorEn Trio, as well as individually. He is constantly there in foreign competitions, which are at the forefront of the international arena, and he is also outstanding in domestic competitions.

According to István Szabó, the lecturer of the Faculty of Music and the preparer of Levente Tóth, the young musician prepares for competitions and university tasks in a very concentrated and purposeful way, most of the time he achieves success by combining the two.

– The Ottawa race was one of the highest levels, which is why Levente’s result is so outstanding. In the online education system, students continuously make concert recordings to meet university requirements, and these productions are also sent to competitions. Levente has won many scholarships, is an internationally recognized, agile, purposeful, very smart young person who thinks that he wants to pursue this profession in the future and therefore wants to be as effective as possible, the expert said.

Levente Tóth absorbed music almost from birth, his mother worked as a singing teacher, his grandfather was an actor, and his great-grandfather played piano in a jazz trio and acquired music. As he said, he was constantly beating the rhythm from an early age, so there was no question of him learning to play percussion. He considers the success of Ottawa to be outstanding among his achievements so far due to his prestige.

– Competing shapes, develops and provides the best feedback on where I am professional, how much I can concentrate. I can use these experiences in my performances. When I shoot, I’m really in a competitive situation, but the push is also important because it’s necessary for my vivid stage performance, so I can get the most out of it. This was a success in the Canadian race and was acknowledged by the jury. It’s another milestone in my life, as it’s an overseas competition, plus I’ve been invited to a winners ’concert where I can hopefully play in person. Success would be even more complete with the trip – Levente Tóth told hirek.unideb.hu.

The young talent is currently a graduate of the Faculty of Music with a master’s degree in classical percussion. He is preparing for his graduation concert, but has also sent a recording to an online competition in Italy, and is scheduled to take part in an international competition with the TanBorEn Trio soon. They have recently given a successful concert in Kecskemét, and are preparing for other high-volume concerts at such well-known concert venues in the capital as the Eiffel Workshop or the Castle Garden Bazaar.



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