Tickets for the men’s final of the Hungarian Basketball Cup in Debrecen are already on sale


Ticket sales for the eighth final of the Tibor Zsíros Men’s Basketball Hungarian Cup have started, which will be hosted at the Phoenix Arena in Debrecen between March 31 and April 2. Those interested can access the tickets via the Internet – in the first round, the quarter-final tickets can be hosted. Just a reminder: DEAC-Tungsram will start the tournament against Alba White Castle on Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

Students and pensioners can get a day ticket for the matches of the Tibor Zsíros Men’s Hungarian Cup for HUF 1,600 and adults for HUF 2,500, which are valid for each meeting of the given competition day. Children under the age of 6 are free of charge if they are seated during the match. Upon entry, the permissions are checked by the organizers and everyone is given a wristband in the color corresponding to the designated sector. The matches of the men’s Hepp Cup, which will also be held at the Phoenix Arena, are free to attend. Tickets will also be available on-site during the clashes between the MK and Hepp Cups. At the request of the organizers, everyone will buy tickets to their own favorite team sector. Tickets for the semi-final battles will begin on Thursday, with results in mind.

A pre-link for Thursday’s matches is available here.


2022- március 31., csütörtök

  • Zsíros Tibor Férfi Magyar Kupa quarterfinals
  1. 13:00   Falco-Volvo Alpok Autó Szombathely – Naturtex-SZTE-Szedeák
  2. 15:30   DEAC-Tungsram – Alba Fehérvár
  3. 18:00   Egis Körmend – Szolnoki Olajbányász
  4. 20:30   HÜBNER Nyíregyháza BS – Duna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét
  5. április 1., péntek
  • Férfi Dr. Hepp Ferenc Emlékkupa semi-finals
  1. 10:00   MEAFC-Miskolc – Vasas Akadémia
  2. 12:30   Budafok – Budapesti Honvéd SE
  • Zsíros Tibor Férfi Magyar Kupa semi-finals
  1. 15:00   Falco/Szedeák – DEAC/Alba
  2. 18:00   Körmend/Szolnok – Nyíregyháza/Kecskemét

2022. április 2., szombat

  • Férfi Dr. Hepp Ferenc Emlékkupa
  1. 10:30  Bronze match
  2. 13:00  Finals
  • Zsíros Tibor Férfi Magyar Kupa
  1. 17:00  Bronze match
  2. 19:30  Finals

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