7-Year-Old Boy Dies in Hospital: He is the Third Victim of Last Week’s Faraktár Street Car Crash


The number of victims of the traffic accident that happened in Debrecen last Monday rose to three. As we previously reported, a woman died on the spot, and a week later, an employee of the Csokonai Theater also died in the hospital. Now, the sad news has been confirmed: a seven-year-old little boy died in the hospital. He is the third victim of the fatal accident.

According to Tények News, the seven-year-old boy who was fatally injured in the accident also died in the hospital. They learned that the boy who died in the hospital was walking home from school with his father, the father was holding his hand when the cars crashed them. The police also confirmed to Tények that there were three fatalities in the accident.

The case is being investigated on suspicion of the misdemeanor of negligently causing a road traffic accident that caused the death of several people. According to the available information, the accident could have been caused by a 19-year-old driver with a recent driver’s license, who wanted to change from the inner lane to the outer one, but did not notice the car driving next to her, crashed into it, and then drifted onto the pavement.

Tragedy on Faraktár Street: A Woman Died, Two People Are in Critical Condition


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