Fatal Accident on Main Road No. 4 – One Person Died in the Crash


A tractor-trailer and a car collided at the intersection of main roads. no. 4 and no. 42, at kilometer section 174 of main road no. 4, in the area of ​​Püspökladány on Thursday morning, the disaster management announced.

The force of the collision split the car in two and then it caught fire. The professional firefighters from Pıspökladány began to extinguish the flames of the vehicle with two water jets. The associated authorities also arrived at the incident, and the affected road section was closed for the duration of the site intervention.

The police said that the accident happened around 8 o’clock in the 174th kilometer section of main road no. 4. During the on-site inspection and technical rescue, the road section affected by the accident is completely closed. You can avoid it by taking the route Bucsa, Füzesgyarmat, Biharnagybajom, Sárrétudvari. According to our information, a person was traveling in the car, who died as a result of the accident.


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