A visually impaired high school student was robbed on the passenger train from Debrecen to Mátészalka, charges were brought against the attackers


Charges have been brought against two men and the parents of one of them, who helped them as they robbed a visually impaired student on a train in January, and later helped to remove the traces, the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Prosecutor’s Office told MTI on Tuesday.

According to the statement, on January 19, on the passenger train from Debrecen to Mátészalka, the 21-year-old defendants decided to take the valuables of a high school student, even by force. Therefore, he was first provoked, spat on, and called a racist.

To avoid provocation, the visually impaired student left for another car, but the two men followed him. He was pushed into a corner, punched, and kicked several times, as a result of which the student suffered injuries that took eight days to heal: his cheek and nose bones were broken, and an air collection formed in his eye socket. The attackers then took the secondary school student’s valuables and pushed him into the train car, the door of which was closed.

The two men got off the train in Nyírmihálydi and took the stolen suitcase, backpack and computer to the apartment of one of them. There, the parents helped to erase the traces: they burned the student’s suitcase, documents, and clothes on an iron stove. The other defendant entrusted the laptop to an acquaintance, and the student’s backpack was exchanged for cut tobacco by the mother of one of the men.

The police arrested the two attackers on the same day, and have been in custody since. The Nyírbátor District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the attackers for robbery, serious assault, and abuse of a public document, the parents who helped them will be brought to court for aiding and abetting and abuse of a public record, the announcement reads.

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