Man from Berekböszörmény threatened to kill police officers


On September 13, 2022, the Berettyóújfalu Magistrate’s Court held a preparatory session remote hearing in the case of the accused who acted threateningly toward the police officers who took action against him.

During the preparatory session, the prosecutor presented the indictment. In the event of a confession and a waiver of the right to a trial, the prosecution made a so-called moderate motion against the man under arrest – 3 years in prison – regarding the content of the punishment. The defendant under arrest, in accordance with the indictment, admitted to committing the crime, and waived his right to a trial, which the court accepted, the Debrecen Court informed.

The first-instance court found the man guilty of the crime of violence against an official. Dr. Kovács Judge Zsuzsanna Pajer, considering the circumstances, sentenced the defendant to 2 years and 8 months in prison and banned him from practicing public affairs for 3 years, contrary to the prosecutor’s moderate proposal. Regarding the defendant, the court also ordered the subsequent execution of a 2-year prison sentence imposed in a previous final judgment, as he committed this act while under the scope of a suspended prison sentence.

When determining the extent of the punishment, the court evaluated as a mitigating circumstance the fact that the accused made a confession and made a remorseful confession, and later apologized to the police officers in charge. At the same time, it took into account as an aggravating circumstance that the man had been punished several times, and that he committed the act while on probation and while intoxicated.

According to the facts of the judgment, on January 29, 2022, around 4:50 p.m., the police arrived at a property in Berekböszörmény following an emergency call from the defendant’s spouse. The patrols wanted to get the defendant certified, but he refused to submit to the measure in his drunken state. The man threatened one of the police officers that if he set foot on the property, he would kill him and finish him off. Reinforcements arrived at the scene and were threatened by the defendant in the same manner. It was known to the police that the defendant had previously seriously injured a person with a sword, so they acted with extra caution. The man was able to prevent the police action for approximately an hour, and finally, the uniformed officers broke his resistance and then used physical coercion against the man, who was handcuffed and brought to the relevant police station.

The decision of the Berettyóújfalu District Court is not final. The prosecutor’s office reserved three working days to think about the declaration of redress, while the accused and his defense appealed for relief. The case continues at the Debrecen Court.

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