A dog that escaped from a yard attacked a passerby in Kaba


The Püspökladany District Prosecutor’s Office has brought charges of serious bodily harm committed through negligence against a construction worker whose negligence caused a dog to attack a pedestrian.

On October 15, 2021, the defendant carried out landscaping work at his client’s house in Kaba. The owners warned the man that he should always keep the gates of the fences in the yard of the house, which demarcate the outer and inner yard, closed so that the dogs kept in the back of the yard could not escape into the street.

The accused was brought to earth with a wheelbarrow into the courtyard of the property at around 5:00 p.m. on the day of Feni, but in the process left the small gate separating the outer and inner courtyard open. Because of this, the client’s large dog went into the front yard, and when the man unhooked the large street-front gate, it suddenly ran out into the street and attacked the offended small dog that was just walking by.

The man tried to save his puppy, but the free Vizsla bit his hand several times. The owners of the escaped animal, who were in the house, noticed what had happened and immediately rushed to help the victim.

In the course of the incident, the victim suffered serious bite injuries on several fingers that took more than eight days to heal, and in addition, one of his fingers had to be amputated.

The Püspökladany Police Department investigated the case.

The Püspökladányi District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the negligent worker for the offense of serious bodily harm committed through negligence at the Püspökladányi District Court. In its indictment for issuing a criminal sentence, the district prosecutor’s office proposed that the district court impose a fine on the defendant based on the content of the case files without holding a trial.



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