Man in Józsefváros Died During a Police Measure


A young man died in the VIII. district, Budapest on the corner of Baross street and Szigetvári street, while the police were taking action against him, a spokesman for the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) informed MTI on Tuesday (19th October).


Soma Csécsi said that the events are being investigated in an administrative procedure, according to their current data, there is no connection between the man’s death and the police action.

BRFK also issued a statement about the case. In the statement, it was written that in Baross street, a shirtless young man jumped on a patrol car parked in front of him. Police tried to check the identity of the visibly confused man, but he resented, therefore he was handcuffed. During the police measure, the unknown man suddenly collapsed, so the police immediately removed the handcuffs and began to revive the man. The arriving ambulances also tried to save the man’s life, but unfortunately he died on the scene, the BRFK said.


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