Two more traffickers in custody in Hajdú-Bihar county


As we reported, on the main road No. 42, in the area of ​​Berettyóújfalu, the police arrested a Romanian driver on October 10, 2021 at 5 o’clock, who wanted to transport six illegal migrants to Austria.

The four men who professed to be Tibetans and the two women who claimed to be Indian citizens traveling in the car could not provide credible proof of their identity and the legality of their stay in Hungary. The uniforms produced the illegal migrants in accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force, and then handed them over to the Romanian authorities after their interrogation.

Human trafficker was apprehended in Hajdú-Bihar

Even at 4.30 pm on the same day, two Romanian helpers of the driver were arrested at the Nagykereki Motorway Border Crossing. The 21- and 30-year-old men were detained and prosecuted for a well-founded suspicion of human trafficking.

Trafficking in human beings is punishable by a term of imprisonment of one to five years in a standard case, and up to five to fifteen years in a qualified case.

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