Man arrested for drunk-driving


The Püspökladány Police Department prosecuted a man for a well-founded suspicion of committing a drunk-driving offense. According to the investigation, the suspect was driving an auxiliary motorcycle on Damjanich Street in Nagyrába on the afternoon of December 23, 2020. The driver of the vehicle slid off the road and then got stuck in the mud.

Following the report, police went to the scene and used an alcohol probe against the man, which showed a positive value. The inspection also revealed that the man’s license had previously been taken away due to drunk-driving. The 52-year-old resident of Nagyrábé was arrested and then questioned as a suspect. He made a confession.

The Traffic Police Subdivision of the Püspökladány Police Headquarters performed the necessary procedural steps during the investigation phase of the case and handed over the documents to the prosecutor’s office.

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