31 Migrants Found in a Truck Near Létavértes


On January 14th, 2021, patrols of the Létavértes Border Police Office stopped a truck on road 4806 between Kokad and Létavértes.

The driver of the vehicle was a Turkish man and a woman of Romanian nationality was traveling with him. During the search of the truck, officers found 31 foreigners in the cargo hold, who, although they declared themselves to be Syrian and Afghan citizens, could not provide credible proof of their identity or the legality of their stay in Hungary.

It is suspected that the Turkish man as well as his Romanian companion wanted to smuggle the 31 border violators into Western Europe. The police arrested both of them, while the 31 people were brought to the Létavértes Border Police Office for a police interrogation in accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force.


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