Municipal Support to the School of Rock

Party Zone

True to its tradition, the School of Rock started the 2020/2021 school year with street music. The event got even more colourful due to the announcement that István Puskás, Vice Mayor responsible for cultural affairs made.

Last year, the General Assembly of the city adopted a concept created in the spirit of developing unprompted musical life in Debrecen, which also includes talent education. Unfortunately, this programme could not yet unfold in its fullness this year. The city has also launched a scholarship project for local artists, including musicians, who got into difficulties due to the coronavirus epidemic. According to the announcement Vice Mayor István Puskás made, it is basically in the spirit of the same thought that the municipality is providing 1 million HUF of operational cost support for the School of Rock. In the opinion of Miklós Péter Balogh, Leader of the School of Rock, it means significant support for them, because this way they will be able to concentrate on high-quality professional work. Beáta Kerekes and Norbert Abuczki played street music to ensure the good atmosphere for the announcement of the news in Hal köz.


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