Treatments are No Longer Available in More Than Ten Hospitals


In recent days, the names of 12 more hospitals have appeared on the website of the National Center for Public Health, where for various reasons, but for longer or shorter periods of time, care is stopped, that is, they cannot receive certain patients.

As of January 8th, some forms of care have already stopped in 20 hospitals, so a total of 32 hospitals are no longer able to care for certain patients.

Here are the 12 new hospitals from the list, which is available here, and there are also details of discontinued treatments:

  • Észak-Pest Center Hospital-Honvéd Hospital
  • Szántó J. Endre United Social and Health Institute
  • Gyöngyösi Bugát Pál Hospital
  • Kistarcsai Flór Ferenc Hospital
  • Selye János Hospital
  • Balassagyarmat Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital
  • Balassagyarmat Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital
  • Szaploncay Manó Hospital
  • Békés Vármegye Hospital
  • Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital
  • Budapest Bajcsy Zs. Hospital and Clinic
  • Budapest Uzsoki Street Hospital

Zsombor Kunetz, the health professional who reported on the latest wave of shutdowns, also wrote details about the latest announcements. According to this,

  • the Somogy County Kaposi Mór Hospital cannot provide bronchoscopy on-call on some days due to a lack of human resources, patients must be taken to Pécs and Zalaegerszeg.
  • The Békés County Central Hospital cannot provide periodontology (dentistry) outpatient care until the end of the year.
  • The Marcal Hospital occupational health cannot provide care.
  • The Komárom Hospital cannot provide the pediatric and gynecological specialist appointment.
  • The CT equipment failed at the Flór Ferenc Hospital in Kistarcsa, as well as at the Bugát Pál Hospital in Gyöngyös.


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