Mild Weather Arrives With Rainfall


We can expect peak temperatures of around 6 degrees on Saturday, 9 degrees on Sunday, and 11 degrees on Monday.

A cyclone is forming over Southwestern Europe, which will bring milder and moister air to our region during the coming days. We should expect rain several times. On Saturday, the sky will remain overcast in the western half of the country, while in the east the cloud cover may temporarily break and the sun may appear. It will rain again in the southwestern and western counties, there may be mixed precipitation in the Alpokalja region. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 3 and 6 degrees, but in sunnier parts we can measure a few degrees higher. 0, +5 degrees is likely late in the evening.

On Sunday, we can expect mostly cloudy weather, the sun will shine in only a few places, rain can be expected west of the Tisza. By afternoon, the temperature will rise between 4 and 9 degrees.

On Monday, cloudy or overcast weather is expected, but the sun may shine for several hours in the Southern Great Plain, and an extensive precipitation system will arrive from the west in the evening. By afternoon, the temperature will rise between 4 and 11 degrees.

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