There are already baths that cannot withstand the rising cost of energy


The increase in energy costs also places a significant burden on spas. The increase in prices has now reached a level that can make even the daily operation of the facilities difficult, reports Termál Online. The director of the Martfű Termal Spa announced the suspension of some of the spa’s services.

According to the report, this is how they try to avoid the spa’s service fees becoming unaffordable. Some of their services are suspended or limited in time, said László Tomasovszky.

The director also reported that the electricity price jumped from HUF 19.2/kWh to HUF 200/kWh in just eight months, and the gas price increased sevenfold.

In the spa, they also try to save by pausing the massage elements of the spa pools, the sauna in the swimming pool, the Scandinavian wellness jacuzzi experience element, and the hot meals in the buffet for an indefinite period of time. In addition, the opening hours will be shortened and some pools will be closed.

From the writing of Termál Online, it is clear that a decision will be made to change service fees later. There are currently no plans to narrow the range of medical treatments.

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