Szlávik: we need to prepare for the fourth wave


We need to prepare for the fourth wave, and the most important part of this preparation is for everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, said the chief doctor of the Infectious Diseases Department of the South Pest Central Hospital on Thursday at Kossuth Radio Good Morning, Hungary! show.

Szlávik: the delta virus variant poses a greater threat to young people than before


János Szlávik emphasized that the delta variant of the coronavirus is much more widespread in children than the previous mutations, so it is important that they take up the vaccine over the age of 12.

He added that the delta variant can infect asymptomatically, which means the virus can settle in the throat two days before the onset of symptoms. This has been highlighted by vaccines, if not completely, but they can be prevented.

He also indicated that while in the case of the variants so far, the infected passed on the disease to one or two people, in the case of the delta, this number was three or five, but it could be even more.

“If a lot of people had been vaccinated, there would be a good chance we could prevent the fourth wave, but in the current vaccination, this is not going to happen,” stressed János Szlávik.

In relation to the third vaccine, he said it should be given primarily to the elderly, immunocompromised, cancer patients and organ transplants patients, but there is growing evidence that it is worth giving it to others.

He also mentioned that 90 per cent of those admitted to hospital did not receive any vaccinations and 10 per cent were vaccinated who had some serious underlying disease. He added that drug therapy has not changed so far, which is why it is important to focus on prevention.



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