Debrecen Welcomes Natural Science Museum’s Relocation


The mayor of Debrecen has welcomed the government’s recent decision to move the Hungarian Natural Science Museum from Budapest to the eastern Hungarian city.

In a statement, László Papp rejected remarks by Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony, who had called the decision “tragic”. Papp noted that Karácsony himself had been a student in Debrecen, adding that “as his own example shows, there is life outside Budapest”. Debrecen considers hosting the museum as “an opportunity to define the future of the city”, Papp said, expressing his commitment to ensure “the best conditions for such a significant project”. He insisted that “Debrecen is an ideal choice”, adding that the museum would be “not just exhibition halls but an institution with scientific research, too”. Debrecen University can ensure the training of experts for the museum, while the city will provide “full support” for future cooperation between the two institutions, Papp said.

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