Puppy Shot Directly in the Jaw in Püspökladány

Local News

A dog was shot in the jaw probably with a shotgun, near the border of Püspökladány. The animal’s teeth and palate were also severely damaged by the bullet.

Footage of the discovery was shown on RTL News, the terrified animal was so weak that it could not even stand on its feet, while it must have been in enormous pain.

The animal rights activists came across the 1-year-old puppy at an illegal garbage dump after someone called them to inform them. According to the animal rights activist who spoke to the tv channel, the dog could be brought to this area because no one goes there much, so it could have been harmed unnoticed. Based on the tests, the animal may have received its injuries at least two weeks ago, and has been suffering ever since.

The puppy was taken to an animal hospital in the capital due to its critical condition. Its condition has improved, although it is still weak. Since the dog cannot chew because of its injuries, it is fed by a tube.

The Paw Rescue Animal Protection Association, which rushed to the dog’s aid, filed a complaint for animal cruelty.



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