Galiba Children’s Festival Starts Today in Debrecen

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Between August 17th and 20th, the Galiba Children’s Festival awaits families with exciting programs in the Debrecen Amusement Park.

The Lúdas Matyi-inspired festival in Debrecen invites visitors to an exciting journey through time this year. On every day of the event, through exciting programs and interactive games, children can travel back to the world of dinos, see how Viking warriors and medieval soldiers fought, put on period costumes at countless photo spots, and the most curious can see themselves – with the help of modern technology – how they will look like in 20-30 years – it can be read on the website of the Debrecen Flower Carnival.

At the Galiba Children’s Festival, visitors will be treated to musical time travel, a disco and, of course, an amusement park, but there will also be sports programs, youth concerts, puppet shows and various crafts.

Detailed program

Thursday 08.17.

14:00 Amusement park walk: Adventure tour in the 65-year-old amusement park

14:00-16:00 Agora: Spy on the sun with binoculars!

15:00 Dance Universe TSE 15:30 Agora: Space Physics Show

16:00 Debrecen Zenede Children’s Brass Band: Terezene concert

16:30 Pirouette Dance Studio

17:00 Galiba Road Bike Race: Csibém Csibefutam, with the support of Tranzit-Food

18:00 Iszkiri Orchestra: Five-star concert All-day programs: Time travel to 2050: Green Box photography, Zöldkör: Natural values ​​of the Debrecen Forest, Viking camp, photo theater

Friday 08.18.

14:00 Amusement park walk: Adventure tour in the 65-year-old amusement park

15:00 Martial arts presentation

15:00-19:00 What are we playing? Easy board games for the whole family!

15:30 Galiba Company: Fabulous time travel

16:30 Emergency Police Band: Live music concert

17:00 Martial arts presentation

17:00 Csodakutya Foundation: Sensitization session with therapy dogs

17:30 LESZ Dance Dance and Sports Association

18:00 Galiba Company: Matyi Lúdas

19:00 – 21:00 LED and Robot Show: Csillagles and mini planetarium, Happy-Time Dance Group, Zumba and Gidrán presentation

All-day programs: Jurassic World: Blue VR Experience powered by Ripp-Ropp Jura Snacks and Marnevall; Dress up and become a painting!, viking camp, photo theater, military show, Knights of the Flame

Saturday 08.19.

10:00 Martial arts presentation Garagulya Stilt Company: Skilled Hungarian kid

10:00-14:00 What are we playing? Easy board games for the whole family!

10:00-17:00 Wing Tsun Kung Fu

10:30 Lúdas Matyi rehearsal: Who will be the Matyi of the year?

11:00 Ripp-Ropp DÍNÓ SHOW – With the support of Ripp-Ropp Jura snacks and Marnevall

12:00 Feeling Dance and Cheer Association

13:00 Ripp-Ropp DINO SHOW

14:00 Garagulya Gólyalabas: A clever Hungarian child

14:00-20:00 DEMKI: Following our folk traditions

15:00 Ripp-Ropp DINO SHOW

16:00 Krisztián Budai: Drumming in prehistoric times

16:30 Clay band: Music and dance teaser

17:30 Balance Dance School

18:00 New Orleans atmosphere

18:30 Dixie Musical 19:00 Martial arts presentation

19:30 Stelzen-Art style circus

All-day programs: Jurassic World: Blue VR experience with the support of Ripp-Ropp Jura snacks and Marnevall, TikTok Reflex game, western Time Travel, KisMaszat – prehistoric cave painter, Frutti and Veggi, the Fresh Team!

Sunday 08.20.

14:00 Amusement park walk: Adventure tour in the 65-year-old amusement park

15:00 Garrison band: Local music concert

15:30 Superstar Cheerleading and Dance Association

16.00 Nest Orchestra

16:30 Dragon Dance – Hua Xing Arts Group

17:00 Debrecen Freestyle Dance Club Dance and Sports Association

17:30 Shuffle

18:00 Duó Trió Golyalábas Street Theater – Fair attractions

19:00 Martial arts presentation

All-day programs: TikTok Reflex game, western Time Travel, Frutti and Veggi, the Fresh Team!, Walk of Peaceful Ladies, Karvaly Archers, Europe Direct Playground

Permanent programs 08.17-20.

Ripp-Ropp mini restaurant – Supported by the Ripp-Ropp product range and Marnevall

Handicraft activities – With the support of the Ripp-Ropp product line and Marnevall: emotional puzzle, fabulous cookie making, dino painting, archaeological adventures, time capsule making, lucky coin making, nail weaving, mandala pebble painting, Galiba mascot making, time travel games and face painting

Medieval playground

Period costumes and toys from Déri Museum

Presentation of medieval camp and martial arts

Crafts Street University of Debrecen: passport-making and diploma-making games

Logiscool: The school of the digital world

Reflexshop and Mensa HungarIQa: family board games, puzzles, IQ test Sports Arena

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