Debrecen is Full of Flowers Even Before the Carnival – Here are the Locations

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Flower installations and flower sculptures appear all over the city in Debrecen during the days before the flower carnival.

For example, there will be a huge butterfly wing in the city centre, a courtesy of DIEHL Aviation. Thanks to the Immánuel Otthon, the fence of the Memorial Garden behind the Great Church will be decorated with handmade, unique flowers, while in front of the Main Building of the University of Debrecen, not only the world of the botanical garden will come to life, but also the public sculptures will be dressed in flowers.

Thanks to the support of Krones and Alföldi Nyomda, flourishing tram stops welcome passengers on Kálvin Square, but this year the city center will also be enriched with 30 flower towers and 10 flower information boards.

You can find flower installations in the following places in Debrecen: Great Temple / Kossuth Square / Memorial Garden / Dósa Nádor Square / Aranybika / Kölcsey Center / Déri Square / Debrecen Culture Park / University Square.

Flower Islands in Debrecen

The flower islands at the University of Debrecen refer to the university’s diversity, presenting several plant communities. The three islands, connected by a path, showcase the wildlife of the desert, savannah and rainforest, complete with plenty of flowering plants.

The flora of the islands is provided by the plants in the Botanical Garden and the potted flowers grown for this purpose. All three islands also act as selfie points. In addition to the islands, the statues of the fountain will also be dressed in flowers.

You can check all the carnival programs here.

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