Water Broke Into Déri Museum, Roofs Have Been Damaged – Friday’s Storms Caused Significant Damage in Hajdú-Bihar County

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Firefighters received many alerts in Hajdú-Bihar county on Friday night due to the stormy weather. The sudden heavy rainfall and strong wind caused significant damage, the disaster management has announced.

In Debrecen and Püspökladány, trees and pillars fell, tree branches broke off, and roofs were damaged. The rainwater was pouring down the streets, breaking into basements, garages, and sometimes into yards and apartments, because the ditches and sewers could not absorb the water. In Debrecen, buses and trams could not run for some time due to the water covering the road.

Firefighters from Debrecen and other settlements are also working to clean up the damage. In the Déri Museum, whose basement was flooded by water from the street, professional firefighters from Karcag pumped and saved the valuables. The water was half a meter high in the premises of the blood supply station, and then leaked out by the time the firefighters arrived. The path of the storm was marked by fallen trees and torn off branches on the county’s highways. Between Sáránd and Derecske, a large tree fell onto main road no. 47, and tree branches made traffic difficult on the outskirts of Hajdúszoboszló, on the old main road no. 4, and on the road between Hajdúszovát and Debrecen, the disaster management announced in its announcement.

The storm also hit Fejér and Tolna counties

The storm gives a lot of work to the firefighters in Fejér and Tolna counties, too. In most cases, they have to remove fallen trees from the roads, the disaster management told MTI at dawn on Saturday. A car drove into a ditch in Dombóvár due to the heavy rain, the city’s professional firefighters freed the vehicle. A tree fell on a power line in Katona József street, cutting the power lines as well. A pine tree leaning on a fence in Madách street had to be removed. Help was also requested from the settlements of Regöly, Simontornya, Rétszilas, Cece, Sáregres, Döbrököz and Szabadegyháza due to fallen trees. In Nagylók, on Belátó street, the roof of a house collapsed and the chimney fell, and in several streets, electric poles and trees fell. The road connecting Sárosd and Hantos had to be closed because it was blocked by a tree.

Between Velence and Pusztaszabolcs, several trees also fell on the road, and the roof of a house in Mátyás király street was also damaged by the storm.


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