The meat industry company in Hajdú-Bihar county has not paid its employees for months

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The Kurucz company group in Sárrétudvar has not paid its employees for months, RTL Híradó reported. Bankruptcy proceedings were initiated against the company in July.

The workers who spoke to the Híradó said that the companies owe many of them several months’ salary, yet they barely tell them anything, while the overheads and financial burdens just keep growing. The bankrupt meat company group owes some hundreds of thousands, others more than one million forints. One of the victims said that he had been working there since the opening and that the relationship was good, yet he was not paid his rightful salary. The majority turned to a lawyer, and so far they have only registered their claim.

The Sárrétudvar pork processing plant is one of the most modern in the country. The investment, which created 120 jobs in 2019, was built with HUF 1.5 billion in state support. Other developments of the family business were also given a vote of confidence in tenders. In addition to breeding and processing, sales were also carried out, and at the same time, hundreds of people were employed. However, the company became insolvent in the summer.

The company previously explained the situation by saying that swine fever and dramatically increased feed and energy prices created uncertain market conditions, but they want to reach an agreement with creditors in order to operate.

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