Updates on the triplets from Hajdúszoboszló, who were born under tragic circumstances

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In December 2017, a terrible tragedy occurred in Hajdúszoboszló: a father was left alone with three small children. The family was also helped by the Tündérkör Foundation, which collected more than HUF 50 million for them. And now they published an update on the little ones.

Three-year-old orphaned triplets from Hajdúszoboszló, their father sends an important message

The foundation found out that the children are growing well and are living in good conditions. They go to kindergarten and develop according to their age. They celebrate their fifth birthday on December 15. Their father, Tamás, works hard every day to fully fulfill his fatherly duties.

Sadly, their mother doesn’t get to see them grow up.

Mira, Léna, and Milán were born on December 15, 2017, in Debrecen, but their mother, Nikolett, died during childbirth. The parents of the young mother and the father, as well as their family members, experienced terrible moments. The then 32-year-old mother worked at Mesevár Kindergarten in Hajdúszoboszló. Fortunately, many people took action for the good cause, and the Tündérkör Foundation collected more than HUF 50 million for the family as a case manager.



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