A rare black stork joined the white storks of Hortobágy

Local News

In the past few days, a young black stork joined the group of white storks left in the Hortobágy area, the Hortobágy Bird Park – Bird Hospital Foundation reported. The black stork walks with them in the pastures, they pick crickets, beetles, and snails together, but they even “drop in” to the bird hospital during feeding time. For now, they are monitoring his activities, because under normal circumstances he should already be in Africa, and Hortobágy is not his traditional habitat. But as far as recent years are concerned, “anything can happen”.

Recently, several people have reported breeding black storks in this area. It is possible that he is already a “local resident”…

The black stork is clearly feeling well, he is eating and drinking, and he is in excellent health – reads the Facebook page of the bird hospital.

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