The voluntary rescue organizations of Hajdú-Bihar county received new vehicles from EU funds

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The vehicle fleet of six rescue groups in Hajdú-Bihar county will be enriched with new trailers, the disaster management announced.

The Hajdúnánási Járási Rescue Group, the Egyeki Settlement Rescue Group, the Furta Settlement Rescue Group, the Báránd Settlement Rescue Group, the Ligetalja Járási Rescue Group, and the Tiszagyulaháza Settlement Rescue Group received a trailer in Hajdú-Bihar county. On October 4th and 6th, district and settlement rescue organizations were able to receive a total of one hundred and twenty trailers that could be towed by passenger cars at the disaster management’s Ferihegyi út warehouse. The gross procurement of more than HUF 62 million was realized in the framework of the (European Union) project entitled “Development and preparation of voluntary rescue organizations” with identification number KEHOP 1.6.0-15-2016-00017

The acquisition of new all-terrain vehicles, vehicles, and trailers suitable for the transport of passengers and goods is a particularly important goal of the project, as these devices can be used to ensure the rapid arrival of rescue units, the movement of special rescue equipment and equipment, even in difficult terrain conditions. organizations have the appropriate tools, the one with the most favorable geographical location can be alerted if necessary.

The goal is to protect the population more effectively by developing the tools of voluntary rescue organizations. More than ten years ago, disaster management started building a system of rescue organizations operating on a voluntary basis, which greatly strengthens the safety and self-defense ability of the population. The role of the rescue organizations is unquestionable, since last year alone they intervened and carried out special rescues in almost 2,400 cases, and their quick response and good local knowledge are also important advantages. With their special training, special technical equipment, and skills, the volunteer rescue groups support the work of professional forces in the eradication of various damage incidents, among other things, during extreme weather events, such as storms or floods, but with their work, they also support professional units during technical rescues or even outdoor fires.

Within the framework of the European Union project, which provides HUF 1 billion 500 million in support, in recent years, volunteers have been able to receive quad bikes, power generators, pumps, as well as general training and firefighter deployment protective clothing, and disaster management has supported the familiarization and use of special tools and equipment with training. All this makes it possible for the volunteer teams to be involved in rescue, damage mitigation, and restoration work, equipped with a modern fleet of vehicles and tools and up-to-date knowledge.

Photo: Péter Szőke – BM OKF

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