This year’s Székelyföld cycle race starts from Debrecen

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This year’s Székelyföld cycle race will start from Debrecen – the organizers announced on Monday evening at a press conference in Cívisváros.

László Lukács, the general manager of the competition, said: the competition is being held for the 16th time, this year, in addition to Kovászna County, Hargita County, Maros County, and Marosvásárhely, Debrecen will also join the program series.

The first stage starts in Debrecen on Tuesday, from there the approximately three hundred cyclists from 12 countries will go to Marosvásárhely, then in the further stages of the race to Csíkszereda, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Hargitafürdő and Székelyudvarhely – he listed.

László Lukács added that their goal is to start from Debrecen and touch every important city in Székelyföld during the competition.

“We are making a long chain with the help of the athletes and the fans who follow them, which symbolizes national unity.”

Lajos Barcsa (Fidesz-KDNP), deputy mayor of Debrecen also responsible for sports, said that in addition to its economic and cultural influence, the city can now also show its strength in sports, and the competition can also contribute to the fact that “road cycling can gain new strength in Debrecen as well”.

He also reported that the city currently has a 90-kilometer bicycle path network, which they want to expand to 120 kilometers in the coming years.

Jakab Barna, the vice president of the Kovászna County Council, indicated that only two Székelyföld counties participated in the program a few years ago, now all three counties are involved in the competition, and the fact that Debrecen also joined this year is a sign of national unity.

According to the politician, the competition also has a significant tourism aspect in Székelyföld: it also promotes the uniform tourism offer of the three counties, Maros, Hargita, and Kovászna.

The announcement of the results of this year’s Székelyföld cycle race, which starts from Debrecen on Tuesday, will take place on August 13 in Csíkszereda, the organizers announced.

This year's Székelyföld cycle race starts from Debrecen



Photos: Lajos Barcsa Facebook-page.

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