Two prisoners brutally quarrel because of a locker at a prison hospital in Berettyóújfalu

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The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a man who demanded damages for a message for attempting to commit certified blackmail.

The defendant serving a final sentence of imprisonment was placed in a prison hospital in Hajdú-Bihar County in September 2021, where he was taken to a hospital with the victim.

On September 11, 2021, in the absence of the victim, the defendant opened its closet and noticed that in it the man had placed a message in which he had drawn cursing attention to the fact that he was using the closet.

The accused was outraged by this and when the man returned from his medical treatment he demanded that he pay him 100,000 forints in damages through his contact within four days and threatened the victim that if he did not pay, he would be abused. The accused repeated the threat the next day, demanding that the victim hand over HUF 30,000.

After learning of what happened at the health center, the two men were separated.

The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted the Berettyóújfalu District Court for attempting to extort the crime against violent multiple recidivists. In the indictment, he proposed the imposition of a prison sentence and an additional sentence for disqualification from public affairs. The district prosecutor’s office also submitted a substantial motion in the indictment in case the accused admits to committing the crime at the preparatory hearing of the district court and waives his right to a trial in accordance with the indictment.

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