The industrial park in Létavértes was handed over – 301 million forints of EU money was spent

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The settlement won almost HUF 301 million for the development from the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program. The aim of the investment was to develop the industrial and business infrastructure of the region, strengthen local entrepreneurs, and expand employment. With the investment, which started in 2020, six sites have been established, the county council says in a statement.

The more than 20-hectare industrial area was handed over to Létavértes on 16 June. Roads of about 700 meters in length and six meters in width, as well as electricity, drinking water and fire water networks, sewage drainage, and solar candelabras, were installed to provide public lighting with more than HUF 300 million from European Union funds.

The development affected a total of 23 hectares. With the development started in 2020 and is now completed, a total of six sites have been established, but the area is divisible, adds Létavértes municipality.

Mayor Károly Menyhárt said at the handover on June 16 that the idea for the industrial area came up in the early 2000s, but they had to face a number of difficulties by the time this day arrived. He added that many survivors are forced to commute because of their work, so the industrial park offers new opportunities, even for those across the border.

Sándor Tasi, the vice-president of the Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government, also took part in the event, and said that the county’s success was due to the cooperation.

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