Reeds, avar and weeds burned in Hajdú-Bihar

Local News

Between Balmazújváros and Tiszacsege yesterday, reeds and weeds burned on a thousand square meters. The municipal firefighters of Balmazújváros extinguished the flames with a jet of water, the county disaster management announced.

Between Földes and Hajdúszovát, the reeds burned on three hectares, and professional firefighters from Püspökladány were needed. The units extinguished the flames with hand tools and a jet of water that spread quickly in the wind.

There was also a fire in dry and young acacia yesterday at the end of Irinyi Street in Bagamér. The professional firefighters of the local government of Debrecen were alerted, who extinguished the fire with water jets and hand tools.

The weed burned on a hectare between Bihartorda and Sáp, where professional firefighters from Berettyóújfalu marched. Here, too, the unit extinguished the flames with hand tools and a jet of water.

Later, a fire broke out in the reeds on the outskirts of Sáp, which was suppressed by the firefighters of Püspökladány.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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