The number of influenza cases has increased in Hajdú-Bihar county

Local News

Doctors in the surveillance report reported that between April 25 and May 1, 5,800 people went to see a doctor with flu-like illness, 25 percent fewer than the week before, the National Center for Public Health (NNK) said Monday.

According to week 17 data, it decreased in eighteen counties,

In Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Hajdú-Bihar counties, the number of doctor visits increased.

24.3 percent of the patients were children and 37 percent were 15-34 year-olds. 27.7 percent of the patients were in the 35-59 age group, and 11 percent were in the over-60 age group.

It was also reported that between the 40th week of last year and the 17th week of this year, 1473 test substances have been processed in the NNK laboratory so far, 319 of which have been confirmed to have the influenza virus. There were 148 cases of respiratory giant cell virus (RSV), 30 cases of adenovirus infection, and 107 cases of coronavirus infection.



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