The former mansion in Hajdú-Bihar became the home of handicrafts

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According to the announcement of the county government, the Apáti Ízek Kereskedőház opened on July 7 in Körösszegapáti.
It was possible to implement it with the help of the government’s economic recovery program. The mansion was built in the late 1800s. The property has undergone several functional changes, and after its modernization, it sells Apáti Tastes made by public employees, home-made delicacies, unique handicraft products and products made by primary producers in the surrounding settlements.

At the opening ceremony on July 7, Pál Réthy, Undersecretary of State for Public Employment and Water Management, was also present, who called the investment exemplary nationally. He said the government had decided in 2018 on a program to reduce the economic development gap between parts of the country. The economic recovery program will work with 50 municipalities in the first round, 100 in the second round, and now 150 in the third round, so that similar types of development can be implemented in disadvantaged areas.

In his greeting, Member of Parliament István Vitányi emphasized that forward-looking investments had been made in the settlement. He added that with the help of domestic subsidies, great development has taken place in the countryside, so the quality of life there is no longer lagging behind the city.

László Bulcsu, the vice-president of the Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government, was also present at the event, emphasizing that he started with public works, and then food industry facilities were and are being established through local initiatives completed with the Hungarian Village Program and rural development opportunities. He mentioned a brewery, a pet slaughterhouse and a honey packer as examples. He said that it can be seen that there is a new intellectual and economic flow in Bihar, of which Körszegapáti is also a part.

Mayor Attila Tarsoly said that the development was implemented with a subsidy of HUF 99 million and created three new full-time jobs. He added that in the last 10 years the village has won more than HUF 1 billion in development funds, and in the following years it expects an additional HUF 500 million in support.

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