The child tossed a stork in the bird park in Hortobágy, according to his mother he “just wanted good”

The bird park reported the outrage on its Facebook page. The account is about a boy who tossed a stork walking close to him a handful of sand. Her mother was presumably held accountable because her reaction was jult like that: “the child just wanted good”.

The Polish delegation also tasted pálinka and bathed in Hajdúszoboszló

A delegation from the Polish partner city of Hajdúszoboszló was hosted in Hajdúszoboszló from 2 to 5 June. At the invitation of the local government, Andrzej Kalinowski, Consul of the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Budapest, and Krzysztof Filipowicz, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Szolnok, also attended […]

The industrial park in Létavértes was handed over – 301 million forints of EU money was spent

The settlement won almost HUF 301 million for the development from the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program. The aim of the investment was to develop the industrial and business infrastructure of the region, strengthen local entrepreneurs, and expand employment. With the investment, which started in 2020, six sites have been established, the county council […]