Hungarian Exhibition Opens in Tokyo


A large-scale exhibition featuring Hungarian and European artwork has just opened in the National Art Centre in Tokyo.

“Hungarians are innovative people, capable of producing world-class artwork like those seen here today,” Viktor Orbán said, opening the exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of Hungarian-Japanese diplomatic relations. “This is because Hungarians must prove the world needs them, and the world is well served if there are Hungarians.” “This is why there are so many Hungarian Nobel laureates, Olympic Gold winners and works of art such as these; it is all about Hungarians claiming their place under the sun,” he said.

“There are more things that bind us together than separate us. The common fabric of spirit, emotion and virtue is immediately recognised when Hungarians talk with Japanese,” Orbán said, adding that the exhibition paid proper tribute, via culture, to Japan and Hungary, two nations with long-standing cultural heritage and traditions. The prime minister thanked Japan for the 150 years of friendship between the two nations. Princess Tsuguko of Takamado said at the event that the exhibition in Tokyo presented works never seen in Japan before and would further strengthen Hungarian-Japanese ties.

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