CATL and Debrecen Vocational Training Center Signed a Strategic Agreement


The Debrecen Vocational Training Center (DSzC) and Contemporary Amperex Technology Hungary have concluded a strategic cooperation agreement, which opens up new opportunities for students choosing vocational training; the document was signed by the heads of the institutions on Tuesday, the DSzC announced.

It was recalled in the announcement that the Chinese battery factory Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) announced its investment in Hungary in 2022, which will be the company’s second European factory after the one in Germany. In the future, CATL’s plant in Debrecen will take over the company’s experience in the field of green and Industry 4.0 technologies in production, they wrote. The cooperation enables the center and the company to jointly develop the content of the teaching materials for the professional training, thus helping the dual training of the students. The students of the four schools involved (the Mechwart András mechanical engineering and IT technical school, the Sámuel technical technical school in Brassai, the Pál Beregszászi technical school and college, and the chemical engineering technical school) can, among other things, get to know the corporate culture of the battery factory during professional education and plant visits, the institutions and its instructors during an organized company program or outsourced lesson.

He Wei, head of CATL’s operations in Hungary, was quoted in the announcement, who expressed his conviction at the event that the educational cooperation with the center will be beneficial for both CATL and the students.

The young generation living in Debrecen and the county will have new and inspiring career opportunities in the automotive industry, he said. Zsolt Tirpák, the chancellor of the vocational training center, spoke at the event: the cooperation agreement is not without precedent, the joint work started almost a year ago, and today the company is present in the relevant institutions. Parliament member László Pósán, chairman of the Parliament’s cultural committee, emphasized: every moment that can raise the standard of education is to be welcomed. He added that modern times are no different from the old times in that the different production processes cannot be mastered at the desk, but in the given production environment. We now call this dual training, he added. Construction of CATL’s battery factory in Debrecen started in 2023, and production is expected to begin in 2025 in the southern industrial zone. Today’s agreement clearly shows that the new company wants to rely on the Hungarian workforce. In the meantime, the left is threatening the city’s population with foreign guest workers for political gain. Until now, the opposition has opposed all development in the city, but time has finally vindicated us, not them – he pushed his usual propaganda in Pósa.

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