Supplier Forum for Small and Medium-Sized Companies in Debrecen – We Asked Lajos Barcsa How the City Helps Local SMEs


A supplier forum will be organized in Debrecen on 16th November to strengthen market relations and cooperation between companies operating in the city, it was announced at a press conference on Thursday. We asked deputy mayor Lajos Barcsa about how the city helps small and medium-sized companies, and we also found out why it is worth for representatives of these companies to participate in the supplier forum.

The management of small and medium-sized companies in Debrecen is now undergoing a change in generations. As deputy mayor for economic development, how do you think these companies can be helped?

It’s a very good question, and I can give you a positive example from Debrecen as an answer. Of course, there is a counterexample, but I think there have already been professional events in this regard, and at these we advocated a good balance. Such a transition requires help, and if we find that there is a massive demand for it, we will include it in the business portfolio of the 2030 program. For now, though, the big consulting firms seem to have it sorted out.

How can the city help SMEs to reduce energy prices?

This is primarily a governmental competence. The city itself is now thinking about solar parks, using the electricity from these parks for a purpose that primarily serves the needs of the city. We had some measures that worked in the direction of trying to alleviate reciprocity. For example, when utility costs rose in the city center, we took measures at Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt., which were about not increasing or reducing rents.


Now that several large companies have appeared in Debrecen, this means a clear increase in wages for certain professions. Some SMEs are no longer able to extract this. What solution do you suggest for them?

Only this supplier forum. Small and medium-sized companies must also develop, they must also compete. They can earn extra income by becoming suppliers. The GINOP and GINOP Plusz (EU) programs are constantly talking about how IT tools or technical solutions can achieve the same or even better performance with the same or even fewer people. We are trying to ensure that the ability of small and medium-sized companies to produce added value per employee is higher. I think that this is also a government goal, and it is also a local goal for us with the help of EDC, and the supplier forum can help businesses with this.

N. Nagy Sándor

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