Price of Subletting in Debrecen Has Reached HUF 200,000


The rise of the prices on the sublet market became more restrained in terms of national prices, but Debrecen became the first rural city to reach the 200,000 HUF sublet price level. At the end of September, the average rent for rented apartments in Budapest was HUF 235,000, which is HUF 5,000 less than the level at the end of July, reports.

Based on the KSH and survey, the site believes that there has been a strong slowdown in the sublet market.

National rents rose by only 0.8 percent in August compared to a month earlier, compared to increases of 2.1 and 1.9 percent in June and July, respectively. The process is even more visible in Budapest, as the rate of monthly inflation slowed to 0.3 percent from the 2.5 and 1.9 percent levels typical of previous months – declared László Balogh, the leading economic expert of, who believes that tenants are finding it difficult to tolerate further price increases.

While some reduction can be seen in the capital, this is not the case in the countryside – especially in Debrecen. In July, it seemed that the apartment price was approaching HUF 200,000, but now it is already visible, it has already exceeded it. The average rent in a county seat is currently HUF 140,000, but in Debrecen it has reached the level of HUF 200,000, which, according to the expert, is not only due to the popularity of the University of Debrecen, but also to the fact that significant job-creating investors are taking place in and around Debrecen, which has led to an increase in sublet prices.

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