Small gas stations in Hungary will be closed for two days due to a lack of supply

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Gas stations belonging to and supporting the Association of Independent Gas Stations (Független Benzinkutak Szövetsége – FBSZ) will not open on August 19-20, the measure affects 500-600 gas stations.

According to the statement, the association held an online general meeting on Friday and 100 percent of the membership supported the action, i.e. the two-day shutdown of the wells, taking advantage of the 48-hour shutdown option stipulated in the law. With this, they want to draw attention to the fact that, through no fault of their own, the livelihood of many thousands of Hungarian families has been irreparably affected since November 2021.

The stoppage of the wells was justified by supply shortages, uncertainties, and unpaid financial subsidies. Because Mol has reduced the service volume for their customers to 50 percent, so they cannot serve their customers properly. In addition, they have not yet received the statutory state aid in July this year and have no information about when the August payment is expected.

400 companies have joined the FBSZ, which means 500-600 wells. Joining the action on the shutdown of wells is voluntary – reads the FBSZ announcement.

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