Bényi Gallery Welcomes the New Year With an Exhibition by Emese Bács


Bényi Gallery in Debrecen prepared its next exhibition season during the holidays, so in January, the works of Emese Bács, a creator well known for his unvarnished honesty, will be on the gallery’s walls and exhibition space.

The opening of the exhibition titled I quietly observe, subjectively form… will take place on January 18th at 6 p.m., where the artist and guests will be greeted by art writer Réka Fazakas and gallery manager Andrea Szalai.

“The exhibition titled I quietly observe, subjectively form…, located in the exhibition space of the Bényi Gallery in Debrecen, leads to a strange world. Some of the urban spaces that can be seen in the paintings of Emese Bács are clearly connected to the artist’s chosen homeland, Budapest, or his hometown, Brasov in Transylvania. The figures she depicts become more important than the depiction of urban locations, skylines or Marc Augé’s so-called non-places, i.e. temporary locations connected to public transport. The figures always reflect characteristic, often stale states of being, age imprints, since they are not individuals, but typical types of people who are often lonely, immersed in their own virtual world. Emese Bács always carefully observes the figures waiting or sitting on the subway, looking at them without judgment in order to create a particularly exciting, colorful world out of them on her canvases” – Réka Fazakas expressed her thoughts.



The artist was born in Brasov in 1978, and here she became a graphic arts student at the High School of Arts, later studied painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and was also given the opportunity to broaden her perspective and find her subjects at the Accademia di Belle Arti Brera in Milan. Since then, many of his exhibitions have opened throughout the country, but also beyond borders, in Europe. On this occasion, the Bényi Gallery in Debrecen will receive her paintings that formulate criticisms of the information society, in which the characteristic moments of the urbanized age captured the artist’s creativity.

Emese Bács’s paintings show intimate emotions and memories, on which we can observe a multitude of symbols. The image makes the congestion and noise of urban life almost audible, as urban, industrial environments come to life. The sight of cars, traveling in the subway, and busy street scenes evoke the constant rush and movement. People who are always looking for their own place, connections, and those moments in which they can find joy are immersed in these urban landscapes. In her paintings and sculptures, Emese Bács also incorporates ordinary pieces of material, which are already doomed – for example, we can observe textiles, puzzle pieces, nets and medicinal foils when we take a fiery look at what we see.

The exhibition by Emese Bács entitled I quietly observe, subjectively form… can be visited for free between January 19th and February 22nd, 2024 during the opening hours of the Bényi Gallery.



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