Cezanne, Scully, Pre-Rafaelites to be shown in National Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts this year

Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery will show exhibitions featuring Cezanne, abstract artist Sean Scully, Hungarian impressionist Pal Szinyei Merse and others, the director of the two museums, László Baán, said.

Photo of the Day: Buda Castle’s Riding School to be opened next year

Buda Castle’s Riding School, reconstructed as a multifunctional event venue, will be opened next year.

Márta Mészáros at Bergamo International Film Festival

With a retrospective consisting of 10 films restored by the National Film Institute – Film Archive – Hungary, Bergamo Film Meeting pays homage to the innovative gaze of Hungarian director Márta Mészáros who, though her militant filmmaking, has given voice to strong and complex women portraying the reality and historical memory of his country.