Out of jealousy, the drunk man stabbed his neighbor

The Hajdú-Bihar County Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a man who stabbed the victim several times in his own house for attempting to commit a life-threatening bodily injury.

A wanted Romanian was captured at Nagykereki

A Romanian citizen applied for entry at the Nagykereki Motorway Border Crossing Point shortly after midnight on June 28, 2022. Upon verification of his data, the border police found that the man had been issued an arrest warrant by the Győr Penitentiary Group because he had not paid the fine imposed on him by the […]


Fine Arts Museum to Open Matisse Show on Thursday

The Budapest Museum of Fine Arts is opening its first large-scale exhibition of the works of Henri Matisse on Thursday, showing over 150 works encompassing the artist’s 60-year career, organisers told a press conference on Wednesday. The show runs until Oct. 16.

Péter Kőváry, Former Frontman of Neo, Has Died at 50

Péter Kőváry, a musician, died after suffering from a serious illness.

Night of Museums to Present Events at Over 400 Locations

The twentieth Night of Museums running until the early hours will be held on June 25, featuring concerts, guided tours and interactive presentations at more than 400 locations.