TV Set Fell on a One-Year-Old Child – She Lost her Life

On September 17th, in Becske, Nógrád County, the TV fell on a one-year-old girl while she was playing. The little girl climbed onto the TV stand, then grabbed the television, which fell on her and caused her such serious injuries that they could no longer save her life in the hospital.

Tractor and Car Collided on Main Roan No. 4 Near Kaba

Yesterday, a tractor and a car collided on the outskirts of Kaba, at kilometer 193 of main road no. 4, on the side leading to Debrecen.


IEAS Film Club: The Quiet Girl

This week’s screening will be The Quiet Girl (dir. Colm Bairéad, 2022) at the IEAS Film Club.

Gábor Reisz’s Film Explanation of Everything Won an Award at the Venice Film Festival

Orizzonti’s selection usually includes films that represent the latest trends in their aesthetics and expression.

Two New Exhibitions Have Opened in Debrecen

The programs of the fall semester, organized by the Public Culture Secretariat, Cultural and Organizational Office of the University of Debrecen, have been launched.