CSAK Design Fair in April


April is the prettiest month in the history of CSAK Design. It was exactly a year ago that we first organized the Csak Design Fair in Debrecenben, supporting local and Debrecen-related designers.

Date: Sunday (7th of April) 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue: Main building of the University of Debrecen

Program: Since then the Fair has evolved into a dynamically developing community focusing on environmental awareness, involving both designers and customers as members. Organizers wish to spend this celebratory and GREEN day together with you, because just like you, the designers of CSAK Design prioritize the protection of our EARTH and the promotion of conscious consumption, which is not only a commitment, but also leads to a lot of joy, a sustainable world, and a safeguarded future.

By joining the community you may learn about slow design and take steps towards a sustainable future! Talk to the designers, charge your mental and emotional batteries, learn more about the fair: the designers’ goals when designing, their motivations during the creative process, and the methods they use to make the objects dreamt up under the aegis of the conscious movement and the sustainable future. Visit the green workshops, try creating objects in the process of flow! At noon organizers will celebrate the occasion with a joint cutting of the cake, and naturally they welcome you with a slice of cake courtesy of Tenger Cakeer Cake, who will involve you in a birthday workshop decorating cookies at their stall.

Those that grace the event with their presence will participate in a celebratory raffle and may win gifts offered by the various designers! The event will also feature the extraordinarily popular Természettárszettár (NatureDepot) with their interactive science games and quizzes for all ages. When spending time with them one may gain insight into the complexities of the fashion industry and environmental pollution, and may also find out why you should shop from local designers and producers. The issue of recycling includes the problem of accumulated waste paper, too. This problem is tackled in creative and easy-to-do ideas at the stall of Egymalom Antikvárium (Second-hand Bookstore), who, apart from bringing books to buy, will offer old publications intended for the bin, which may be used by children in the free workshop to make colorful decorations, assisted by our volunteers.

Finally, Jáz Mini Dekor stall will feature a workshop to make wonderful spring and Easter table dressing decor! Organizers will continue to strive to make CSAK Design Fairs events for the entire family, where the younger generations can also get a taste of the joys of creation and may learn about an environmentally conscious life.


Faludi G
Csajbók Márta selyemfestő
Heverde babzsák webáruház
BelleLelle – Magic Wraps / Varázskendők
Bari’s Hand Made Ékszerek, Bari’s hand made jewellery
Happy by Honey
UDSGN ékszerek
Jáz Mini Dekor
Bubba Design
Peony Szójagyertya
Mini Natura
Eszter -Házi- desszertjei
Egymalom Antikvárium
Zádor Kávé
Happy by Honey

Photo: www.pixabay.com

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