Local News

Changeable weather continues


According to the Hungarian Meteorology Service, changeable weather continues in the next few days. In weekdays, the highest temperatures will be around 25 Celsius degrees, while at the weekend, the highest temperatures could hit 33 Celsius degrees.


Hungarian Online Retail Business Expanding


“Hungary is committed to maintaining strong bilateral trade relations with the United States of America. Last year, trade between the two countries exceeded 5.4 billion USD” – said Mihály Varga when he visited the center of Amazon where Susan Pointer and Dave Bozeman welcomed him.


Little Boy Drowns in Swimming Pool


A little boy fell in a swimming pool on Monday evening (9th of July) in Mosonszentmiklós (Győr-Moson-Sopron county). After he had been taken to hospital, unfortunately, the child died.



Those Who Drink Coffee Regularly Live Longer


The American National Cancer Institute (NCI) has examined what is true of the belief that increased coffee consumption increases mortality risk. The program monitored British volunteers’ health data between the age of 38 and 73, using UK Biobank data from the very beginning of the project.